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Joyfully lead by

Linda Mae Finlay

Linda conducting.jpeg

Our accompanist

Jane Siegel

About us!

The Paisley Concert Choir is a 50-voice community based choir in the village of Paisley in Bruce County. It was founded in 2001 by a handful of choristers from the former Paisley Village Choir. The choir welcomes singers from an ever expanding area of Grey and Bruce Counties.  Linda Finlay, director, and Jane Siegel, accompanist, are essential to the choir’s well-being. They make singing fun!

The choir performs two concert series each year, in the spring and late fall, singing primarily in Hanover, Owen Sound and Paisley.

Winter 2019.jpg
Winter 2019-3.jpg
Winter 2019-5.jpg
Winter 2019-6.jpg
Winter 2019-8.jpg
Winter 2019-7.jpg
PCC May 2019 -B40(1)_edited.jpg
PCC May 2019 -22.jpg
PCC May 2019 -B33.jpg
PCC May 2019 -B26.jpg
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